2020 Club News     

We held our monthly meeting on January 6th.  The club voted in ex-member Norm McCord (boater) who was in
attendance and new member Dan Mox (non-boater).  That brings the club membership up to 8.  Prospective
member Mike Graybill was also in attendance and would like to join as a boater.  There is also another
prospective member (boater) who will join us at our February meeting.  We decided on the tournament schedule
for 2020 which can be located on the front page of this site.  We will fish 8 tournaments, one of which will be a
two-day tournament out-of-state.  The MBN meeting was cancelled and there was no Southern Region meeting to
discuss.  The officers for 2020 will remain the same.  We are again having a club banquet at Papas in February.
Our next meeting is Monday, February 3rd.  Contact Walt if you are interested in joining our club.

We held our monthly meeting on February 4th.  The club voted in new member boater Mike Graybill.  This brings
the club membership to nine.  Prospective member Jessie Moore was in attendance and would like to join the
club as a boater.  At the meeting we discussed the minutes from the MBN Executive Board Meeting, the new
schedule, our 2-day Lake Gaston Tournament in April, presented plaques to the 2019 winners and discussed
the upcoming season.  The next meeting is Monday, March 2, 2020.

We held our monthly meeting on March 2nd.  The club voted in new member boater Jessie Moore.  This brings
the present membership to 10 members (8 boaters / 2 non-boaters).  At the meeting we discussed minutes from
the MBN Executive Board Meeting and Southern Region Meeting.  We finalized our pairings for the April
tournaments (Potomac River and Lake Gaston).  We went over our procedures for tournaments and tournament
muster sites with the new members.  Our next meeting will be Monday, April 6th.  

Because of the state lock-down, our first three tournaments were postponed (as of now).  We are anticipating
starting our 2020 tournament schedule with the May 30th Potomac River Tournament out of Smallwood State
Park.  Keep tuned.

The first two tournament held on the Potomac and Susquehanna Flats went off without a hitch.  A few members
decided not to fish, but most decided to get the year started.  Chuck won both tournaments with 16+ pounds on
the Potomac and 14+ pounds on the Flats.  The club decided not to hold meetings for now and is conducting
business via email/texting. The next tournament is not scheduled until September 12th on the Nanticoke River.  
So unless the club decides to add a make-up tournament in July or August, Walt (2nd place) and the rest of the
guys will have to wait for a chance to catch up with Chuck who is in the lead by 12 points.

Pandemic Time -- no meetings or tournaments except the Nanticoke River Tournament on September 12th.  
Chuck, Walt and Mike fished and had a tough day -- no fish.  It was especially tough on Chuck since he drives
from his new home in West Virginia.  Our next tournament is on October 10th on the mighty Potomac River.

With the pandemic situation not much going on this month (meetings, etc.).  We had two tournaments:  The
10th on the Potomac.   Norm won with 13-04 and Scott came in second with 9-14.  On the 24th  only three
members fished with Norm coming in first again with 4-14.  Chuck took second with 2-03.5.  Our last
tournament of the year will be on Sunday, November 8th.  It will be a make-up Potomac tournament.

Norm was on a roll and won our last tournament which was a make-up tournament on the Potomac River.  He
weighed in a bag of 17-06.  Walt came in second with 4-04.  Norm did so well that it looks like he is going to be
the Tournament Chairman in 2021.  Congratulations to a great finish of the year.  Although Norm won the last
3 tournaments, it wasn't enough to catch Chuck who is our 2020 Mr. Bass.  Chuck finished with 123 points to
Norm's 104.  Congratulations to Chuck for a great year.  Chuck who moved to West Virginia came back to fish
the tournaments later in the schedule.  He and Steve (who moved to South Carolina) will not be with the club
next year and we will miss them dearly.  Steve has been in the club for 6 years and Chuck for 27 years.  
Hopefully, they will fish with us if we fish a 2-day tournament next year.  Even though it's been a tough year with
the virus situation, we did manage to fish 6 tournaments with all but one member fishing at least one of them.  
We will be looking for a few new members next year, so keep checking in to see what happens next.